Why Choose Durward Safety?


Cost Effectiveness.

No complicated price structure, no costs varied by speciality or expertise, and all costs are based on a specified daily rate that can be negotiated based on what safety or training services are required. We know budgets are tight!


We have a fresh pair of eyes.

We are more likely to identify those risks which have become part of the daily activities of the in-house team. It is important to bring someone with limited exposure to the site because the smallest risks can have large consequences if missed.



We save you time...

Which you can then use to focus on running your business. This is because we can carry out necessary assessments and supply all the required policies to you, so you can comply with the legislation.


We eliminate any bias.

Organisations can have internal disputes which can effect the judgement of the in-house team. We remain impartial and give a true reflection of the management of Health & Safety, leading to the creation of a genuine report identifying all the changes either required by law or recommended as improvements.


We remain consistent.

We ensure no client or site receives special treatment by using our specialist knowledge to make sure your premises are up to standard.