Training Courses

Using an external Trainer to deliver required training courses can be beneficial, as more varied ideas can be provided to the mix of internal colleagues. Without knowing about the business in great detail, external Trainers can question the viability of ideas and proposals in a way that employees may not, as they make assumptions based on the knowledge they have of the business. External Trainers can also save some organisation's the cost of a dedicated full-time internal Trainer, and already have the qualifications and experience to teach.

At Durward Safety, we have over 10 years experience in both managing and delivering training in a number of industries, specialising in health and safety.

We offer a wide range of bespoke H&S training which can be delivered in short hourly 'bursts' as well as higher profile courses, such as:

  • IOSH Managing Safety (3-days)*

  • Leadership & Management (2-days)

  • Health & Safety Competence (1-day)

  • Health & Safety Awareness (1/2-day)

  • Mental Health Awareness (1/2-day)

  • Bespoke H&S training, including COSHH, completing accident investigations, and delivering risk assessments

*At least 8 weeks notice is required to ensure the delivery of mandatory IOSH resources