• Kyle Durward

What is the purpose of recirculating LEV?

LEV is an extract ventilation system tha captures dusts, mists, gases, vapour or fumes from work processes to prevent them entering into the workplace air so that they can't be breathed in.

One type of LEV is a ‘recirculating’ system, where a filter cleans the air and recirculates it back into the workplace. If the filter is not working correctly then harmful contaminants can be returned into the workplace, potentially causing significant exposures that may result in ill health.

Every year, thousands of people in Great Britain die of lung disease or get asthma because of airborne contaminants they have inhaled at work.

For LEV to work effectively it must be regularly maintained and routinely checked.

Click here for a questionnaire that will help identify if your LEV is a recirculating system and how to use it

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