• Kyle Durward

Using power tools: Avoiding the need for RPE during the pandemic

The HSE has published advice explaining alternative ways of working to reduce risk which may mean you no longer need to use respiratory protective equipment (RPE) for working with power tools.

They have guidance explaining the control measures employers should consider when dealing with RPE supply issues during the pandemic.

A new webpage on power tools outlines control measures, including using alternative ways of working, to reduce the risk of exposure to hazardous substances. There is advice on working with tools such as:

  • power or masonry drills

  • cut-off saws

  • handheld pneumatic breakers or jackhammers

  • core drills

  • angle grinders

Putting in place improved control measures may mean that you no longer need to use RPE or can use RPE with a lower assigned protection factor (APF).

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