• Kyle Durward

Updated advice on ventilation and air conditioning during the pandemic

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

HSE has updated and expanded its advice to help employers provide adequate ventilation in their workplaces during the pandemic.

This guidance builds on helping you to identify and take action in poorly ventilated areas. It also provides guidance on other factors to consider when assessing the risk from aerosol transmission, and determining whether adequate ventilation is being provided to reduce this risk.

You should be maximising the fresh air in a space and this can be done by:

  • natural ventilation which relies on passive air flow through windows, doors, and air vents that can be fully or partially opened

  • mechanical ventilation using fans and ducts to bring in fresh air from outside, or

  • a combination of natural and mechanical ventilation, for example where mechanical ventilation relies on natural ventilation to maximise fresh air

Updated guidance is available here

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