• Kyle Durward

Spring term re-opening of schools

As schools re-open for the Spring term, they should ensure that the mitigating measures put in place to control the risks from COVID-19 are maintained. It is important that control measures continue to be rigorously applied, with arrangements in place to ensure effective supervision, monitoring and review of expected standards.

Relevant government guidelines for the reopening of schools in the Spring term have not substantially changed since HSE carried out spot checks and inspections on schools in the latter part of 2020. Findings from this work are outlined on the HSE website which includes examples of the ways some schools implemented good practice. It also provides information on areas for improvement that were found during some inspections.

HSE will continue to investigate concerns and incidents reported to them as schools return, although it should be noted that some of the new measures being introduced e.g. asymptomatic testing of staff and pupils, and the wider use of face coverings are not matters enforced by HSE.

Questions and concerns about these issues should be directed to the relevant education or public health authority for England, Scotland and Wales.

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