• Kyle Durward

Social Distancing - Construction Industry

HSE has guidelines on how businesses must maintain social distancing and protect workers. The guidance explains what employers must do in order to protect and keep their businesses open.

The construction industry has come together to show how it has been interpreting and applying government guidance in responding to COVID-19 by providing practical examples of how it is safeguarding its workforce while operating sites.

Many of the examples have been built on the Construction Leadership Council's 'Site Operating Procedures (v4 - published 19th May) - Protecting Your Workforce During Coronavirus (COVID-19)' guidance and its hierarchy of controls (found here).

The Site Operating Procedures have been updated to incorporate a number of minimal but important technical changes as a result of the recently published government guidance to help employers keep their workplaces operating safely covering eight workplace settings including construction sites, other people's homes, vehicles, and in offices.

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