• Kyle Durward

Scottish schools spot inspection findings

As part of the HSE's ongoing COVID-secure spot inspections programme, compliance checks at schools in Scotland have been carried out to ensure they are implementing School Reopening Guidance.

Initial telephone interviews were conducted for HSE at 500 schools (to check they'd put COBID-secure measures in place) and then follow-up site visits to 100 schools where levels of compliance were less certain. Around 80% of schools were categorised as having a good understanding.

Common areas of concern found where schools needed to make changes included:

  • Social distancing in staff room areas and cleaning regimes

  • Ventilation in school buildings - most were relying on windows and doors being open for long periods of time, so HSE feels schools / local authorities may need to do a simple risk assessment of fresh air in schools

You can find further Scottish Government guidance here

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