• Kyle Durward

HSE inspections focus on occupational lung disease

HSE is inspecting fabricated metal businesses across Great Britain during May to check that they are managing the respiratory risks of welding fumes and metalworking fluids.

The results from last year's campaign demonstrated that LEV and RPE were being used to control exposure limits. Figures showed that:

  • 70% used LEV as a control measure, either as a sole control measure or along side RPE

  • 80% of those using moveable capture hoods were found to be performing well

  • RPE results showed 78% of sites were using RPE, however only 50% of tight-fitting respirators were being used correctly

While these figures show promising results, improvement is needed. Visit the HSE website for further information and guidance on:

  • Hierarchy of control

  • What is LEV?

  • What is RPE?

  • HSE enforcement activity

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