• Kyle Durward

Health Surveillance & Occupational Health

Health Surveillance - Health & safety law required health surveillance for some health risks.

Health surveillance is a scheme of repeated health checks which are used to identify ill health caused by work.

Health and safety law requires health surveillance when your workers remain exposed to health risks after you have put controls in place.

Health risks which require health surveillance include noise, vibration and substances hazardous to health.

Visit the HSE web guidance on health surveillance, which includes advice on:

  • Managing the risk

  • Consulting workers about health surveillance

  • Understanding what type of health surveillance your business needs

  • Setting up a health surveillance scheme

  • Acting on the results of health surveillance

Occupational Health - Employers are required by law to prevent physical and mental ill health in workers that may occur as a result of your business activities.

An important part of occupational health is concerned with how work and the work environment can impact on workers’ health, both physical and mental.

There are things you must do to make sure workers’ health is not adversely affected by their work and that workers are medically fit to carry out their work safely.

The HSE's occupational health step guide will help you to know exactly what your duties are.

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