• Kyle Durward

Gas Safety Week is coming in September

The gas industry’s eleventh annual awareness event, coordinated by Gas Safe Register, is now just around the corner. Gas Safety Week (GSW) 2021 runs from 13th-19th September.

If you’d like to support, you can complete the pledge form on the GSW website, and you’ll receive a free toolkit which contains digital materials designed to help you support the week, including:

  • pre-planned social media updates and images

  • articles for websites

  • web banners

  • logos and images of the Gas Safety Week Safety Squad

For further information on the week, you can follow @GasSafetyWeek on Twitter, and if you’d like to share your supportive activities after the week, you can email the details.

HSE also has plenty of guidance for employers and workers on our gas safety website.

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