• Kyle Durward

Gas Safety

Gas safety guidance during COVID-19 outbreak - Regularly updated guidance for gas engineers, landlords and tenants during the COVID-19 outbreak is available on both the HSE website and the Gas Safe Register website.

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) regulators - Following a number of serious incidents, HSE wants to remind members of the public who use LPG, and registered gas engineers working with it, of industry guidance which addresses the potential dangers of using LPG regulators without over pressure protection.

Failure of these regulators can allow dangerously high pressure gas to reach appliances which are not capable of containing it. Regulators over 10 years old, or where the age is uncertain, should be replaced; it is recommended that the replacement regulator should incorporate over pressure protection.

It is also important that regulators are positioned so that water cannot enter through the vent hole.

Gas Safety Week 2020 - ​Gas Safety Week is a national safety campaign to raise awareness of gas safety in the UK. GSW20 will be the 10th annual event and is taking place 14-20 September 2020. By pledging your support for GSW20, you can receive a free toolkit full of material designed to help you support the week.

Annual Gas Safety Check - With the heating (hopefully!) off, summer’s an excellent time to have your annual gas safety check. Why not book yours today? You can find a registered engineer in your area on the Gas Safe Register website.

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