Interim / Part-Time Roles

In terms of considering bringing in a manager / advisor for an interim period, there are advantages to seeking a stop-gap solution for a lack of management resource, and to address a skills gap during a period of transition or crisis. During any period of change, a company will require skills, knowledge, and expertise that may not exist within the business. Without these skills, the organisation's sustainability, growth, and sometimes survival could be at risk.

There can be some reluctance to utilise interim managers with factors such as cost, the political implications of engaging external individuals, and the level of commitment from an interim manager to the business. However, when taking into account the hidden and total cost of a permanent employee to a business, the equivalent day rates can seem reasonable as the interim manager charges only for the days worked with no additional payments applicable (other than any pre-agreed expenses). An interim manager can also be hired within a shorter time period, can bring a fresh perspective to an organisation, and are results-driven.

At Durward Safety, we have experience in engaging with organisations in an interim capacity at short notice and on a part-time basis. Results are always delivered as per the original specification or requirements as agreed before any interim period, is agreed. We also try our best to limit one interim role at any given time to ensure our complete commitment to that client.