H&S Solutions
for Your Industry


Over 10 years experience within manufacturing, specialising in food. This includes both full and part-time roles as Health and Safety Manager across multiple sites, as well as part-time support. Our most recent manufacturing contract was as a Part-Time Interim H&S Manager for a food producer in North London.


A number of years experience working closely with clients in retail which have involved the review and implementation of documentation, completion of risk assessments and site H&S inspections, and the delivery of training. Our most recent retail client involved us visiting over 120 stores throughout the UK and Ireland.


Experience as Health & Safety Advisor for a number of construction projects across the UK, mainly under the direction of the Principal Designer. Projects have varied between refurbishments on existing manufacturing sites to new build factories and housing developments. Our most recent construction project was a housing development in Bath, Somerset.

Future Plans...

We will always look to expand into different industries within the UK, such as:

  • Computer

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Entertainment

  • Hospitality

  • Music

  • News Media

  • Transport