Health & Safety Auditing

A Health & Safety Audit is an expert assessment of an organisation's health and safety policies, systems, and procedures. A health and safety audit is not a legal requirement, but is highly recommended as best practice for companies of every size and type. Much more than a box ticking exercise or defensive measure, they can bring many positive benefits to a business.


Primarily, audits enable you to protect employees and customers from harm. But ultimately a correctly conducted audit can also safeguard the very existence of the company. That's because a serious health and safety incident, resulting in prosecution, can bring severe reputational damage and massive financial penalties. When the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) brings prosecutions for health and safety breaches, they almost invariably cite failures that an audit would have highlighted.


At Durward Safety, we have produced a robust audit tool that specifically targets the key health, safety, and welfare subjects as recognised within BS OHSAS 18001 (migrating to BS ISO 45001 in 2021). A typical audit takes between 1 and 3 days to complete whereafter a gap analysis report is composed, which includes departmental and overall scores. This report can also be accompanied by a health and safety plan, outlining requirements as identified in the gap analysis.